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mobile stuff


Bono upside down
Bono with heart
bears hugging
bears hugging
Bono on potty
Bono with heart
Olaf with VIS-sign
giraffes hugging
giraffes kissing
Eddy in leather trousers
Jaap Schaap
Ding Dong
easter bunny

animated pictures / screensaver:


operator logos :



Logos made by Arno:



This service currently works from the following countries:
Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, Australia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
In case you're not sure if your mobile supports logos or coloured and/or animated pictures have a look at this list.
The prices may vary depending on the country. You can pay via telephone, SMS and/or PayPal/credit card.
Notice, that - while the operator logos are send directly to your mobile - the coloured and animated pictures need to be downloaded via WAP. So make sure that WAP is activated for your mobile. (After having ordered your PIN-Code, you'll get instructions how to activate WAP. Or have a look at the help.) You'll receive a WAP-address, where you have to enter your PIN-Code. Remember that you have to pay for the WAP connection, too.
As the different mobile types have different sized display, the wallpaper/picture may slighty vary from the preview picture above. Of course you'll receive the correct sized picture for your mobile.

In case you experience any problems, click here and read the Q&A. If they don't help you, fill out the support form.

I'm always happy about any feedback:

Do you like the mobile stuff?
Yes, I've already download something on my phone.
Yes, it's great!
It's nice, but I wouldn't buy anything, tough.
It's okay...
No, I don't really like it.

Would you like to have more...?
coloured wallpapers
animated pictures
operator logos
b/w screensavers
b/w SMS pictures
nothing! It's fine as it is! :-)

Are the prices OK?
For some countries (e.g. Switzerland, UK, USA) it's not possible to lower the prices!
Yes, they're reasonable.
Yes, it's even cheaper than on other websites!
It's expensive, but I'm willing to pay.
No, it's way to expensive!



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