It all began when I was strolling at the "CentrO" (a big shopping mall in my hometown). I was looking around at Expo and found some postcards with beautiful little bears. I kind of have a special relationship to bears, as I am one myself. ;-) Since years "Brossibear" is my (internet) nickname. I immediately fell in love with the the bear and bought some cards. I especially loved the following card. It's still one of my very favourite.
At home I took a closer look at the cards and found out that some guy called Leendert jan Vis had designed them. I thought by myself "There are so many websites about Diddl or something like that. There must be a site about Leendert Jan Vis and these cute bears." But I thought wrong. The only thing I found, were Arno's Vis-pages at abrakan.de. Later they evolved into the Visclub. I also found some cards at knuddelqueen.de and of course I bought more myself.
When I had some 'material' together, I decided to create a LJV-section at my own website. I've always had a virtual post office on my site. So it was self-evident to offer some Vis-cards there. But I still wasn't really crazy about LJV. I was infected with the 'Vis-Virus', but the outbreak of the 'disease' was yet to come. And it came because of Arno and Konrad II. *g*
Around Easter Arno created a poll at his website to find a name for the bunny and the hen. I suggested the name "HenneLore" for the hen. ("Henne" is the German word for "hen" and "Hannelore" is an old German name.) Arno liked that name so much, that he wanted to thank me. And he thanked me by sending me a little fluffy bear - Konrad II. :-)
From that day on I was really Vis-crazy. And the fact that I already owned two Vis-cards for about 10 years without knowing made me even crazier. For my 11th and my 12th birthday my Dutch godmother send me a Vis-card. Of course I didn't know anything about Vis these days. But when I saw the pictures somewhere on the internet, I remembered. I went searching in my drawers and finally found them. Kind of amusing that I've been possesing Vis-cards for so long without knowing. ;-)

Well, the situation today is the following: my walls and my window are decorated by postcars and self-made window-color-pictures, Vis-keyrings live on my commode, I collect my loose money in a Vis-moneybox, jot down important things on a Vis-notepad with a Vis-pen, file other important things in a cow-ring-binder or a mouse-folder and throw unimportant things in a Vis-litterbox. And furthermore I also have lots of other stuff (like photo album, friendship-cards and of coourse lots and lots of postcards).

If you would like to find out more about myself, then have a loook at my private website: www.brossibaer.de. There are lots of nice and interesting things, too. :-)



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