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Many of you have probably wondered where Leendert Jan gets all his ideas from or how such a card is created. Or maybe you haven't really thought about anything like that at all. Either way you'll here find out about lots of interesting things about Leendert Jan, the various characters, the postcards and everything concerning Vis.

All the questions are of course answered by Leendert Jan Vis himself! (thanks and big hug!)

But the best thing is: you have the opportunity to send in your own questions! So if there's anything, that you'd like to know about LJV, don't hesitate, just send it to me or post it at the message board. I will then forward your question(s) to Leendert Jan and maybe you're lucky and he answers them. :-)

Because there are so many questions & answers, I divided them into different categories:

drawing / cards / characters

anything else work-related

Leendert Jan in private



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