Here you'll find lots of vis stuff for your PC and your website. You can save as much as you want to your harddisk. But:
It's all about give and take!
I've spent lots of hard work, time and creativity for all these things. So that I will be motivated to go on spending my spare time with creating new wallpapers etc., please leave a comment in the guestbook or tell me in any other way (at the message board, by eMail or by eCard) that you like my site and my creations. I'm also open for any criticism or suggestions.
So, please be fair and don't just take silently. Thanks.

Please don't put anything (except the lines) on your website without my permission!!!! Basically I don't want you to show any of my creations on your homepage. But if you'd like to use some of my stuff, just ask - I'm always willing to bargain and maybe we can find a solution...
But you may use the lines to jazz up your website without asking me beforehand (but please only for decorating, not in picture-galleries). Would be great if you tell me the address of your homepage, so that I can have a look.
By the way: Please save the lines to your own websapce. If you just link them, it causes traffic that I have to pay money for. Thanks.

I'm quite sure by the way, that there are lots of other creative people. So if you created wallpapers or icons or anything else yourself, just send it to me and I will put it on this site for everybody to see. I'll display your name and website (if available), too, of course. :-)
If you have some ideas but are not really sure how to realize them, I'll be there to help you - just send me a mail.



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