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Here you'll find some Vis-cards, that you can send online to your friends in the whole world.
Firstly there is the "Rotating-Gallery" with 30 different cards each month. That means for you: take the chance and send them all to your friends, 'cause next month they won't be there any more - but 30 new cards.
But I'm sure you'd like to have your favourite cards always availabe for sending. That's why there is also the "Favourite-Gallery".
I'll explain how it works:
At the "Rotating-Gallery" you have the possibility to vote for your favourite cards. Additionally I will count how often each of the cards is sent. For every vote and for every dispatch the card will get 1 point. The 3 cards that have the most points at the end of the month, will make it into the "Favourite-Gallery" and thus will be available also the following months.
So: vote and send!!
Have fun!

* Vis-eCards are available here at only - 'cause only has the permission to present Vis-cards as eCards. No other website is allowed to offer Vis-cards for online-sending. In case of contravention you'll have to bear the (possibly judicial) consequences.



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